BRISTOL, Tenn. / Va. —

“Tim” – an adult male with an intellectual disability – has faced some challenges.

Living in a facility that was more than three hours away from the Tri-Cities, Tim (a pseudonym to protect his identity) was isolated from his loving family. In addition, Tim’s goal to live as independently as possible – and still receive the adequate support and assistance necessary for his needs – remained an elusive dream.

But Tim’s life and dream have both been able to blossom since becoming part of the Frontier Industries Residential Services system, which has allowed him to live in a thriving, supporting residence in the Tri-Cities area.

By working with the Frontier Industries’ staff, being closer to his family and having the companionship of other clients in the residence, Tim has become an active, involved member of the community – one capable of earning money by using work skills honed through Frontier Industries’ Vocational program.

In short, Tim has become the person he has long hoped to become:  one living life as independently as possible – but never far from those who support and care for him.

It’s a success story made possible by the tireless work being done by Frontier Industries Residential Services and the equally tireless backing of the United Way of Bristol, which counts Frontier Industries among the 29 area non-profit agencies that receive financial and other support, year after year, from the United Way.

Currently, the United Way of Bristol chapter is conducting its annual regional fundraising campaign, which runs through Nov.15.

The theme this year is, “A Good Place to Give Makes a Better Place to Live.” And it’s such a worthy theme that the United Way of Bristol has set a fundraising goal to raise at least $1.3 million during the current campaign.

The funds raised during the United Way of Bristol campaign will certainly continue the good work at Frontier Industries Residential Services, which is part of Frontier Health system. The residential services system has four group homes across Kingsport and both Bristol communities – each containing four to 12 people – and has other local supportive-living facilities as well.

“We want the people we serve to live as productive and independent lives as they can,” says Linda Henry, Frontier Health’s division director for residential services and retail operations.

“And we work very hard to help them be active members of their communities – people who are really involved in their areas.”

Henry – affectionately known as “Red” by many of Frontier Industries’ residents – says the United Way of Bristol’s consistent financial support makes a major impact in the services’ work.

“We use the United Way’s funds to offset the costs for our services that aren’t picked up by third-party [insurance sources],” Henry says.

“That lets us provide services for families that otherwise couldn’t afford them, so the United Way’s help is massive in so many ways,” Henry said. “It means a lot to have United Way supporting what we do and at the level they provide that help.”

And it can continue to mean more success stories like Tim.


Reprinted with permission by:  Bristol Herald Courier

Roger Brown

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