The Van Driver(s) is a critical component of Family Promise.  This person or persons will meet the families at the hosting congregation every morning and at the Day Center in the evenings.  Sunday is the exception where guests are transported to the congregations at 12:30 p.m.  The Van driver may be asked to remain at the Day Center until the Director arrives in the morning.  The relationships that the Van Driver(s) develops with the family members can play critical roles in their success in life transformation.  The role may be held by several persons with a coordinator working the schedule.  The role may be all volunteer or may be contracted.  Van drivers (and all Day Center Volunteers) have background checks.

The responsibilities are:

  • Transportation of Network Families
    1. From host congregations arriving at the office no later than 7:00am Monday through Friday, and a little later on Saturdays and back to the congregations about 5:30 p.m.
    2. Sunday schedule may vary somewhat.
  • Transportation Supervision
    1. Documentation of any van rule violation.
    2. Ensure that clients are not left unattended at the congregations, on the van, at the Day Center.
  • Transportation Obligations
    1. Observation of all safety signs and laws, including those applying to distracted drivers—cell phones, etc.
    2. Maintaining a Valid Driver’s License
    3. Personally abide by the Van Rules
    4. Coordinate with the Director for the early morning time at the Day Center
  • Van Maintenance
    1. Report any and all mechanical problems to the Director
    2. Transport to and from maintenance and repair appointments in coordination with the Director.
    3. Take the van to be cleaned as needed with the prior approval of the Director

Other duties as assigned by the President or Executive Director.

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