Dear Caring Friends:

In today’s economically challenging and uncertain times, the most vulnerable among us – families who are homeless and hungry, battered women and children, uninsured families with medical needs, families who have lost their home to a fire – need your help more than ever before. United Way of Bristol provides crucial financial support to 28 local partner agencies that respond to these crisis situations 365 days a year.

While many of these agencies have seen their state and federal funding drastically reduced, the demands for their services have increased. But there is hope…the people of Bristol have a history of stepping up and helping their friends and neighbors in times of need, and that is what we are asking you to do!

When you give to United Way of Bristol, you are investing in the well-being of our community. Over our seventy year history, the United Way of Bristol has evolved from a fundraising organization to a community impact organization, undertaking strategic initiatives and partnerships to improve the lives of our citizens.

Our dedicated board of directors, with the assistance of hundreds of volunteers, work tirelessly to ensure that every dollar raised is directed to the most effective programs to help the most people with the most pressing needs. Simply put, if you want your charitable dollars to have the most positive impact in your local community, the United Way of Bristol is a good place to give.

To reach our campaign goal of $1.3 million, we need your support. Please open your heart and make your pledge today. Your gift, combined with the gifts of our friends and neighbors, will touch thousands of people in our community – improving lives one at a time. Together, we can make Bristol an even better place to live.

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